We actually now have a sneak peak look, if you will, a reality show on the E! network called “Total Divas”, that’s in season three. It’s an inside look to the women of WWE, who we brand as our ‘Divas’. And when you think about the strength of character that it takes to perform in front of thousands of people, four nights a week, I can attest to this being in the ring myself. Standing there in front of all of those people, under that spotlight, the in-ring action takes you on such a ride. And to be able to tell a story, with your body and your face in such a way that makes people want to react. To either cheer to see you win, or to boo to see you lose is an art form. So you take the courage, and the talent quite frankly, and the athleticism that these women have to do this type of performance. And then put them on the red carpet, and then have them do media interviews. And then they’re apart of all of our community service outreach, in various capacities. Not cause they’re contractually obligated, but because they want to. These are truly remarkable women. The kind of character that they have, and the strength of character, and body and mind to be able to do all of this is something that, quite frankly, I respect a lot.

Stephanie McMahon: Don’t Take No for an Answer. Ever.

The daughter of World Wrestling Entertainment founder Vince McMahon has some advice for all leaders, regardless of gender.

I’m often asked for women, and how they can succeed in business. I would just say, don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Ever. Regardless of your gender. And you have to believe in yourself. Because at the end of the day, the person that is driving the results, is going to be the person who gets the credit and gets ahead. Just don’t let anybody take your credit, if you deserve it. Just be strong.


As chief brand officer for the WWE, Stephanie McMahon has made a career out of being tough. But when she met Connor Michalek in January, she instantly melted. The 8-year-old talked his way backstage after a WWE event and charmed the tights off of every wrestler there. When Connor passed away three months later after a four-year battle with brain cancer, Stephanie felt compelled to honor him. So she and her husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque founded Connor’s Cure, a fund that supports pediatric cancer research.

OK!: What struck you about Connor?

Stephanie: He looked physically sick—there was a giant scar running up the back of his neck and a big bulge on his head—but he had so much personality and energy. He never stopped talking.

OK!: How did he impact the wrestlers?

Stephanie: As [WWE Superstar] Daniel Bryan said, to know Connor was to love him. We invited him to an event… and all the Superstars surrounded the ring and started chanting his name.

OK!: Why did you start Connor’s Cure?

Stephanie: I kept thinking, What can we do? Connor’s message was to embrace life and give love unconditionally. If we could all do that, the world would be a better place.