i just want to be shawn michaels best friend.
Actually, divas retire much earlier than men do, but I agree with what you said about veterans.


recently someone mentioned that Layla, was past her peak, and should stop. because of her age. she’s 36 years old (37 in june). meanwhile, we have brock lesnar, john cena and batista - all nearing their 40s and aren’t being criticized for their ages .. 

but i’ve also turned this into ageism, so please forgive me.

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you hit the nail on the head. divas just don’t stick around as long, as a rule

it makes me sad that they don’t. i was thinking about the history of female wrestlers (well what i manage to know), and it struck me. as much as i love my male wrestlers, because i do, some women  still wish were around. i know (probably) one of the main reasons is trying to balance wanting a marriage, family, etc vs having a career.

why can’t everything be like that taco commercial, and you can have both?

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it amazes, and confuses me, how in a very short time span divas are considered veterans in wrestling? daniel bryan has been around forever, and no one has thrown around the word ‘veteran’ to describe him .. yet.

are divas just expected to have a shorter wrestling careers?

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So, you had some time away from the business for a little bit, and now you’re back. Is it hard to kind of get back into the groove of how things are going, when you kind of have a break from the madness?

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