Billion Dollar Princess

"Oh, you look confused, like you don’t remember. I guess it’s been a long time. It’s been almost a year since you had me abducted. You had me locked in a rat infested basement with no light. I thought nobody was coming for me. You put me there. Then you had someone riffle through all my personal, and private things in my bedroom. I don’t know what kind of person had been through all my private things. You made them do it, you did. But then the icing on the cake, you had me strapped to a symbol and carried down to this ring to be sacrificed to the The Undertaker in a wedding. You did it - I was sacrificed all right, at my father’s expense, so simply you could screw Stone Cold Steve Austin. But you know what, daddy, like I said a couple weeks ago on Smackdown, what goes around comes around. You hurt me, and what’s the best way I could hurt you back? By marrying the man you hate the most. My husband, Triple H, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Oh, and by the way, dad. Just so you know, Triple H really turns me on.